• Once you and the owner of some property which was brought to your attention through our services have come to an agreement to buy, rent or lease said property, we are entitled to collect a commission for brokerage services. For a purchase price of up to € 36.666,-- our commission will be 4 % plus VAT. If the purchase price is more than € 36.337,-- our commission will be 3 % plus VAT. In case of rental agreements our commission will be the amount of two- months’ rent (gross amount) plus VAT. 8990 Bad Aussee is agreed upon as the place of fulfilment.

  • At this time value added tax as determined by law is 20 % of the net amount of the commission. Commission is due and payable once agreement to rent, buy or lease has been reached, and it must be paid at the latest whenever the respective contract is signed, or, as may be the case, once the respective authority (Grundverkehrskommission) has granted permission for the real estate transaction in question to go through.

  • For the greater part our offers are based on the information that is given to us by the individuals who ask us to act as a broker for their property. While all information is deemed reliable ad complete, it is not guaranteed. We do however work very hard to verify all information as it is given to us to the best of our abilities.

  • A property owner retains the right to sell or rent his/her property at any time.

  • All offers and information given to you by us, is meant for you, the interested party, only, and thus it must be treated as confidential communication. If information on a piece of property that we had offered to you is passed on by you without our authorization and this leak of information leads to a contract with the property owner, then you may be held responsible to pay damages to us in the amount of the commission that we would have otherwise received.

  • If a property that we offer you is a piece of real estate that you are already familiar with, then you must tell us so immediately and you also must reveal to us your source of information. If you fail to do so, then we have the right to claim brokerage services to you as rendered.

  • On the other hand, if a piece of property that had already been offered to you by us at one point is later on offered to you again directly by the party who has disposition over that property, or if it is offered to you again by a third party, then you are required to remind the offering party that you first were offered this particular piece of property through our office and that you will not now accept brokerage services through a third party on this piece of property.

  • If you close a deal on a piece of property that was offered to you by us, but you have chosen not to avail yourself of our services during the final stages of negotiations, you still must inform us of this fact without delay and you must disclose to us the terms of the contract.

  • We are still entitled to receive our commission even though a final contract may differ from the terms under which the property in question was first offered to you by us, or even if the type of transaction arrived at may have changed from what was first offered. (for instance, a property first offered for sale, is now being rented instead of being sold outright, or you are no buying a piece of property from the owner that differs from what you had previously been offered by us). Payment of commission is due to us also in a case where the property in question comes to you through compulsory auction.