WI-KA Service

Real estate is our passion

As WI-KA we take pride in going the extra mile for our clients. Many years of experience in the real estate business and personal dedication to provide great service make the team at WI-KA a truly professional partner for those looking to buy, sell or lease real estate property.


For us real estate is not just a building, a piece of land or a number of rooms. We understand that each property is a home to someone and as such it reflects the personality of the owner. Thus we are not content to sell you just any old piece of real estate, but it is our personal goal to find you the one place that is exactly right for you. Or, if you want to lease or sell your property, then we will try to find the very person who fits the bill to take over from you.


Our service to you does not begin or end with the signing of a contract. We will be happy to keep on assisting you in all areas of real estate dealings.

Interior design

Interior design carried out with
loving attention down to the smallest detail

Indulge yourself in making your home a truly unique place. We will help you in creating a home that reflects your personal style of living. Or, as the case may be, we will assist you in finding your very own style for the first time. A house and home should be beautiful to its owner, both on the outside and on the inside. We do not want to see you merely content with your new real estate acquisition, we want to see you truly happy.

A flexible schedule for the viewing of properties

You are very busy in your professional life, or taking care of your children is a full-time job? So, finding time is not always easy for you? Well, we do understand. We will adapt our schedule to your needs, and thus it goes without saying that we will make time to do a showing of properties for you on weekends if that is your wish. Come and spend a relaxing week-end in the beautiful region of the Ausseerland, and same time we can arrange for you to tour various real estate properties that may be of interest to you.

Flexible property viewing
Professional advice and assistance

Professional advice and assistance
in all areas of administrative requirements

Buying a new piece of real estate property often involves an enormous amount of effort on both the administrative as well as the operative level. We are happy to take care of some of these tasks for you.

We will assist you in the drawing up and signing of contracts, the procuring of the proper financing, and we can help you in dealing with the respective administrative agencies. We can put you in touch with the different providers of services according to your individual needs and requirements. We will assist you through all steps of building a new house right up to the point where it is ready for immediate occupation, and we can help with the interior design as well as with the furnishing and decorating of both houses and apartments.